How to order commemorative glossy reprints of our features
Glossy reprints of cover stories can be ordered by emailing
Printing costs are as follows:
8 x 10: $30
Add $20 for mounting on foam core
11 x 14: $40
Add $25 for mounting on foam core
16 x 20: $60
Add $35 for mounting on foam core
18 x 22.5: $70
Add $40 for mounting on foam core
24 x 30 $95
Add $45 for mounting on foam core


Please to place an order.

Indicate issue date and reprint size and options.

You will receive a credit card invoice from our PayPal account to confirm order and begin processing.

sa_stu_ath_falllogos_2_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_3_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_4_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_5_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_6_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_7_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_8_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_9_94.jpg sa_stu_ath_falllogos_10_94.jpg index_112912003002.jpg index_112912001015.jpg ad_lifeisgrand_460.jpg 460x57_-_proven_proud.jpg index_112912001012.jpg ad_udj_300x125.jpg ad_uls_300x125.jpg ad_dcc_300x125.jpg ad_olsm_300x125.jpg ad_aag_300x125.jpg ad_birs_300x125.jpg ad_bh_300x125.jpg ad_oxford_300x125.jpg ad_troy_300x125.jpg ad_roeper_300x125.jpg ad_waterford_300x125.jpg ad_ferndale_300x125.jpg ad_berkley_300x125.jpg ad_regina_300x125.jpg ad_westwood_300x125.jpg ad_mercy_300x125.jpg ad_rice_300x125.jpg ad_cs_300x125.jpg ad_ladywood_300x125.jpg ad_marian_300x125.jpg index_112912010001.jpg